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LTCO has offered high quality and cost effective direct and indirect tax compliance services to a broad range of Luxembourg firms since 2011. LTCO uses an efficient and electronically secured process to ensure that clients meet their deadlines regarding the deposit of Luxembourg direct and indirect tax returns on time and on cost. Whether you are a Luxembourg firm, group or a fiduciary/trust company filing tax returns on behalf of clients, we can help you manage backlog or anticipate deadlines. LTCO counts 40 tax professionals, all fully dedicated to tax compliance services.


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Our offer includes a full range of services for Luxembourg firms as well as for fiduciaries and trust companies. We accompany clients through the tax return filing process and beyond, sharing our expertise if needed when corresponding with the Luxembourg tax authorities or providing tailor-made training solutions to help your business understand tax compliance in Luxembourg and keep up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.The excellent relationship we maintain with the Luxembourg Tax Authorities keeps us involved in policy and practice discussions at the highest level.

  • Preparation and/or review of Luxembourg tax returns pertaining to entities subject to corporate income tax, municipal business tax and net worth tax along with all required appendices
  • Computation and/or review of tax provisions before approval of annual accounts
Case Study: Managing Direct Tax Backlog with LTCO
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns (monthly, quarterly and annual)
  • Preparation and filing of European Sales Lists (ESL) for goods and/or services
  • VAT registration and VAT deregistration with the relevant Tax Authorities
  • Review of tax/VAT statements sent by the Luxembourg Tax/VAT Authorites
  • Analysis of tax assessments and appeal in case of discrepancies between tax statements and filed tax returns
  • Customized workshops dealing with local tax regimes, legal provisions, or circulars from the Luxembourg Tax Authorities
  • Annual training sessions on new developments in Luxembourg tax compliance at the beginning of each year
  • Tailor-made direct tax and VAT training depending on your needs

LTCO also offers tax compliance courses to the public through the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center.

To make mandatory e-filing simple, easy and fast for our clients, LTCO has developed a proprietary software suite which is able to generate the documents necessary to file completed Luxembourg tax returns electronically. This method can save your business nearly 3 hours per direct tax return.    

LTCO offers a choice between two e-filing packages for you or your direct clients:

E-filing FULL SERVICE package 

We will prepare your corporate tax returns and file them electronically. This means that LTCO will receive a proxy from the legal representative of the client company allowing LTCO to electronically file the tax return. 

E-filing TOOLS & ASSISTANCE package 

We will prepare your corporate tax returns and provide you with a comprehensive package allowing you to electronically file the returns yourself. We will provide you with the XML (for the forms) and PDF (for appendices and enclosures) versions of the documents in order to upload the corporate tax returns to Your returns will be signed by you or your company as legal representative.     



LTCO has developed a long-standing expertise in Luxembourg Tax compliance serving leading organizations across the financial industry as well as multunationals.Our team has a deep understanding of Luxembourg functional and technical tax issues.


LTCO anticipates your Luxembourg tax return needs and delivers a wide set of compliance services on time. Our team is always available to assist you with an often complicated process. We have a strong presence in Luxembourg allowing us to react quickly to your local challenges.


Communication and trust form the basis of our client relationships. That’s why LTCO tax experts and dedicated IT team have developed customized IT tools that guarantee that, at any time, our clients know the status of their Luxembourg tax compliance obligations, giving peace of mind and gains in efficiency.


We approach every challenge with a commitment to quality. This professional attitude allows us to work with some of the most renowned actors of the Luxembourg financial industry, consistently meeting their high demands and expectations.



LTCO is a tax compliance pure player in Luxembourg providing services to some of the world’s top financial firms from industries including Private Equity, Real Estate, and Investment funds.

Our employees benefit from an experienced management team and an extensive training program encompassing all aspects of Luxembourg Direct and Indirect tax.

Joining LTCO means being involved in all steps of the tax compliance value chain, from gathering information to analyzing issues faced by our clients.

LTCO is always looking for new talents who are motivated, detail-oriented and passionate about their work. If you feel like you belong in our team, please feel free to send us your CV.

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